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Appointment Terms & Conditions

Please read our appointment terms and conditions before booking your appointment with Bridal Pop-up or Maplewood Bridal. Appointment terms and conditions are as follows:


Once you find your dream dress (or two), we will walk you through the ordering process specific to your designer. We will take your measurements, review any & all of your customizations, & process your order. If you are ordering a gown with customizations or taking a dress off-the-rack, we require full payment, otherwise a minimum of 60% plus shipping will be required to process the order.

Once payment is processed, your order is submitted to the designer & confirmed internally. When your gown arrives in store, we will send it through our quality control & steam out your gown to prepare for your arrival. We will give you a call for your PRE-FITTING  appointment & ask you to take care of any remaining balance. 


Our collection ranges between $900 - $3,500 with sample's currently sized from 4 to 24. We offer a variety of size-inclusive, style-exclusive wedding dresses sourced from all over the world.


Although we can accommodate shorter timelines, we recommend a 12+ month ordering time, leaving 6-8 months for your made-to-order dress to arrive, 2-3 months for finalizing accessories, & an additional 2-4 months for alterations.

** Please note, this timeline can change based on supply chain & customizations made to the gowns. 


Client agrees to follow current state/federal health safety practices and to reschedule their appointments in the event of illness.


While we can accommodate up to 5 guests in our larger suite and 4 guests in our smaller suites, we recommend 2-4 guests for your best shopping experience. Trust us when we say wedding dress shopping can be extremely overwhelming, especially with so many opinions from guests. We are always looking for ways to make your shopping process stress-free & intentional, so know that we are on your side.

We understand schedules change and things come up! We request you cancel or reschedule your reserved appointment within 48 hours notice so that we may offer it to another bride as our availability is limited and we have an extensive waitlist. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice or do not show up for your appointment there is a $50 cancellation/no show fee. Thank you for respecting our schedule and other brides! 

Client understands that rescheduling of appointments can delay the order placement of the gown and/or dresses.

**Please note: we do not allow any children under the age of 8 in our boutique. We are not able to accommodate children or strollers in the salon. Please make other arrangements for the little ones. If little ones are in attendance when you arrive for your appointment, we will reschedule for another day. 


At any given time, Bridal Pop-up reserves the right to sell any gown as a sample based on timing and wear, discontinue a specific style or line or add a line or style to the collection. Bridal Pop-up makes no guarantees that a specific sample gown will be available for purchase.


In order to secure a requested date/time for your PICK-UP appointment, payment must be made in full. Client is to complete the provided payment form to secure their appointment.

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