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Wedding Day Dresser... don't leave anything to change!

Wedding Day Dresser service to take care of everything you need on your wedding day- from steaming the wedding dress to repairing broken zippers.

The service includes:

Steam: Each garment is expertly prepared with the utmost care and proper handling. We steam, press and prepare the wedding dress, veil and other fashion items for the bride. White gloves are worn at all times while working with the wedding dress.

Style: Create a beautiful vignette with the dress and accessories for the photographer to shoot. The stylist also ensures the items are protected and treated properly.

Dress: Help the bride into the wedding dress and make sure it is secure and correct.

Tie: All of our stylists know how to tie bow ties, to make sure the guys look great.

Shadow: Accompany bride during photos to ensure the dress does not get dirty.

Fix: Troubleshoot “fashion emergencies” that may arise such as broken zippers, ripped hems, torn straps, stains, and fallen bustles.

Supply: Provide all necessary equipment including steamers, irons and an emergency kit full of tricks-of-the-trade to fix every fashion emergency that comes up.

Bustle: Bustle the wedding dress quickly and securely so the bride can get to the party.

Our clients are perfectly Dressed, Styled and ready to say I DO!

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