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Nidelka's Bridesmaid Dress Trends

I'm addicted to offering fabulous couture options for bridesmaids. You've asked four girls to celebrate your big day: Your best friend from childhood, your older sister, your future sister-in-law, and your cousin. When you originally chose them, the dress styles were very limited. Sure, there were some nice options, but never any that were full-on stylish.

To make matters even more complicated, they all had their own agenda of what they wanted to wear. At Nidelka's we have a base selection of Bridesmaids Dresses to get you the selection process started, but if you don't find what you like we can always custom design one for you!

The Nidelka's Meade to Measure Bridesmaid dresses include:

1. One-Shoulder Dresses

2. Bold and Vibrant Hues

3. Mismatched Gowns

4. Short and Sassy

5. Pastels

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