Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses a Trend we Love

Warm and romantic, burgundy has proven to be the a coveted shade in recent, cooler months – especially with bridesmaid dresses and weddings! Sorella Vita is excited to announce the addition of burgundy to all its existing chiffon and satin bridesmaid dress styles, giving you the perfect opportunity to incorporate this hot color into your special day.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate this stunning shade into your bridesmaids’ wedding day style is by creating a breathtaking, burgundy mix-and-match bridal party! By keeping each ‘maid in the same color, you’ll create a uniform look many brides are in favor of, but by letting each bridesmaid wear a different style, you’ll show off their unique personalities. This also allows them to feel comfortable in the dress they will be wearing all day long.

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