Caring for your Erica Bowman Tutu Skirt


  • Skits with elastic waistbands have been selected to provide you with the utmost comfort when wearing your skirt. Due to their delicate nature, please use care when handling and hanging your tulle skirt to avoid causing snags or tears.

  • Skits with silk waistbands should be handle with case to avoid causing snags.

  • We recommend that you gently hand wash your Erica Bowman Tutu skirt with cool water and mild detergent and hang to dry. No bleach should be used.

  • Upon receipt, your Erica Bowman Tutu skirt may have some moderate wrinkling due to our protective packaging. This is not to be considered a defect or poor quality. We recommend hanging your skirt in a steamy bathroom for at least 15 minutes to replenish its look and to remove any wrinkles. You may also use a garment steamer to steam your skirt. However, it is recommended to hold the steamer a few inches away from the tulle so as not to damage your skirt. Lining skirt may be ironed on non-shiny side but use extreme caution and DO NOT iron the tulle as it may melt.

  • A fabric softener sheet can be run very gently along the layers of tulle and lining to help remove any static that may occur.

  • Please note that each item is handmade with love and there may be very slight product variations. Colors may also appear slightly different in person as compared to your computer screen.

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