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Welcome Bags for Out-of-Town Guests

Welcome bags are such a personal way to welcome your guests and thank them for traveling to enjoy this time with you. Filled with handwritten notes, fun facts about your wedding location, or just little treats for them to keep, here are a few of our favorite things to include in a welcome bag for out-of-town guests.

A Cute Carryall The bag (or box, or tote) is just as important as the contents! A tote with a fun message is something guests can use again after the wedding.

If you opt for a more package-like welcome bag, this box is perfect! We love the color-coordination of the contents, and the pretty pink ribbons that tie it all together.

For a something simple, stamping a brown gift bag with your wedding day is an easy and cute option.

Say Hello The point of a welcome bag is to welcome guests after all, so it’s most important to include a note from you and your fiancé – bonus points if it’s handwritten!

Keep Them In the Know Give guests a rundown of what the wedding day will consist of. This could be as simple as a list of dates and locations, or an illustration that spells it all out in a fun way.

Map It Out Giving guests a map of the area will help them not only get to the ceremony and the reception, it will also give them an idea of where the best restaurants, shopping, and activities are if they are making a weekend out of it.

Make It Festive Including festive favors that are specific to your wedding location is a fun way to get guests acquainted with the area. This could be a particular food that’s popular, a drink that’s made there, or something guests could use while visiting.

Snack Time Perfect for the downtime before dinner is served, or once your guests return to their room after the reception, including snacks in your welcome bag is a must – and personalized snacks are even better!

Day-After Essentials For all your guests who had just a little too much fun at the reception, including a recovery kit is much appreciated.

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