Bridal designer Nicky Mayers designs for the modern bride, the line exists within the contrast of lace, pearls, sequins and silk. Her Classic bridesmaids collection (Nidelka) plays with styles that feel natural enough to wear every day while her new Formal collection (Pricsilla) is like the older sister: elegant, bold, and intimidatingly beautiful. With sophisticated designs it’s easy to understand why minimalism, in wardrobe, holds such importance to Nicky. We stopped by her AZ studio to talk inspiration, aesthetics, and the influence her Hispanic/West-Indian background has on her approach to fashion design.

Describe your collection in three words. Classic, Refined, Timeless.

How has your Hispanic/West-Indian background helped to define the way you went about creating your own clothing label? The mix cultural background gave me a foundation for designing classic yet modern pieces that are functional; they are a framework for balancing commonalities between cultures while inspiring new designs.

Do you have a muse for the brand? Could you tell us about a few of your other sources of inspiration? I’m inspired by texture; modernizing classic gowns are challenging and rewarding to design. How seemingly common elements — colors, textures — can come together in the right way to create a design unique to a brides preference and style.

Your dresses are simple and sophisticated. Who is the woman you see envisioned in this combination and how do you see her evolving ? The designs adheres to a quiet and understated aesthetic, it is subordinate to the style of the wearer. You wear it, it doesn’t wear you. And I think the customer appreciates the ease of that. I recently designed and released the Sparkle Collection, inspired by Classic pieces which have been in the market since 1950's. The Sparkle Collection which features sequins is the elevated counterpoint to classic pieces seen in formal wear.

When did you first know you had an interest in fashion? On my 6th birthday my grandmother said I could use her sewing machine with supervision, and I came up with the idea to make my next birthday dress. It defined her (my cousin says when she thinks of me she thinks of the all the pretty dresses in magazines).

Does your studio decorating extend to your wardrobe? Both my studio and home are white, simple, reductive. My wardrobe follows that: basics with little pattern. But it tends to be a bit more intone with my shoe collection — I have at least two dozen pair of shoes in all my favorite colors.

Any styling advice for brides having a hard time dressing their bridal squad? Start with a comfortable basic — like an a-line or a classic sheath dress — that makes you fell like you can wear it all the time and think nothing of!

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