Wedding Gown Shopping 101

Searching for your wedding gown can be one of the most exciting parts of your entire wedding planning process—and for some it can be the most nerve-wracking! But if you head out to the gown salons prepared, the process will be so much easier for everyone involved. Here are some great tips on Wedding Gown Shopping 101.

1.BRING PICTURES OF WHAT YOU LIKE. And what you don’t like, for that matter, so the person helping you at the store can see which silhouettes, necklines, sleeves, and shades of white, most interest you.

2. WEAR THE RIGHT UNDERPINNINGS. If you’ve already found your dream dress and are going in for fittings, wear the undergarments you’ll wear on your wedding to ensure everything looks perfect. On your first shopping trip? Remember that at the very least the person helping you—and potentially your bridal party, your mom, and future mother-in-law included—will see you in your underwear. Today’s not the day to wear your raciest lingerie

3. BRING THE SHOES YOU WANT TO WEAR. If you haven’t yet bought your wedding shoes, bring something you own with a similar heel height. This is essential for fittings in order to determine the proper length, but it’s helpful even for the first round of shopping.

4. BRING A SNACK. Dress shopping can be surprisingly exhausting. Some raw nuts or dried fruit can be a lifesaver!

5. WEAR MINIMAL MAKEUP. You don’t want to risk getting makeup on the dress!

6. BRING COMPANY. A second set of eyes (ones you trust, of course!) can be priceless. (But don’t do overdo and bring too many sets of eyes!)

7. ASK FOR A FABRIC SWATCH. While most wedding salons know the importance of lighting, it’s nevertheless important to look at your fabric in other lighting sources, so ask for a swatch you can look at outdoors, at home, etc.

8. BRING A CAMERA. Not all places allow you to take pictures, but if they do it will be enormously helpful—not only to share with your BFFs but also to show your florist and cake designer, who can use your dress as inspiration. Just make sure your betrothed doesn’t see it accidentally!

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