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Beautiful Curves

Designing dress of every bride regardless of her style is our mission, that mission also includes designing dresses for the perfect fit. Our design team is able to accomplish these goal by not only making dresses in "Standard Sizing" but making them to your measurements.

Why "Standard Sizing" you ask? It's complicated enoght just trying to find a dress in your size, why add the extra stress of trying to figure the difference between your regular size and "Bridal Size" witch is about 2-4 size smaller that "Standard Sizing"

Why "Made-to-Measure" you ask? While Standard Sizing" may fit, it's may not be your ideal size, your hips may be larger or smaller that the standard scale forcing you to order a dress size either smaller or larger than you need.

When you combine Standard Sizing with your measurements, the result is a Perfect Fitting dress. Our bridal consultants utilize your standard size to identify the size of the sample dress you fit, your measurements are then taken and when your order is place, our designers create a pattern base on your measurements, and your dress is then created with this personalize pattern.

We wanted to provide our curvy brides with even more options, therefore our new collection Beautiful Curves includes separates. Brides will have the option to mix-and-match tops and bottoms within the collection to create their dream look. The collection features 6 skirts and tops, in addition to pants and overlay skits.

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