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From dressing dolls to dressing brides

Nicky Mayers is a lover of fashion for as long as she can remember. A native of Panama she grew up dressing her dolls with her grandmother’s help by making them clothes from fabric scraps. While growing up, she participated in church plays, modeling, and dancing, and quickly realized that she preferred designing and making the costumes, rather than being up-front and on stage. By the age of 12, she attended her first sewing class and learn the fundamentals of taking measurements, making flat patterns and garment construction. By the age of 18, she debuted her first collection in a runway show in Panama City.

After arriving in the United States, her sewing skills were utilized for alterations, as clothes just never fit her perfectly. With her grandmother's help, and guidance her sewing skills were perfected in the areas of construction, redesign and pattern making. After having to wear a lavender satin bridesmaid dress in her cousin wedding, she identified a need in the industry for bridesmaid dresses, and she launched "Your Wedding Affair" in 2007. By early 2008 she launched Harlem Weddings, a bridal trade show to showcase her bridesmaid and formal wear dresses.

In 2011 she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to operate " The Brow Lady", an award-winning eyebrow salon. While "The Brow Lady" was a success and provided her with experience on operating a brick & mortar, her passion and desire to get back to designing dresses could not be contained, and in 2016 the NIDELKA brand was introduced with a new line of bridesmaid dresses. In 2017 an opportunity to participate in the Rainbow Weddings Bridal Expo came and with it her first Bridal Gown. That one gown inspired an entire collection, and a new concept in the bridal industry, and thus Nicky’s made-to-measure gowns enables her to provide brides who desired to be unique with a modern and elegant garment that is designed to their specifications and measurements.

Who knew that designing doll dresses will turning into making wedding dresses one day. It never occurred to her that she will become a designer, she just wanted to sew!

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