It's Time for Summer Brides to Start Prepping Their Brows

It’s no secret that growing brows in takes time, which means that all of the summer brides who want to frame their eyes for the camera in the Fall or Winter need to get cracking—now. Nicky, bridal brow expert from The Brow Lady (Arizona), recommends growing brows in three months prior to the wedding date. Here are some of her tips for promoting growth to help your clients’ brows shine on their big day. DIET: Amp up intake of vitamins B, B-1, B-2, biotin, iron, and protein to fuel hair growth. HYDRATION: Skin must be well hydrated to promote growth, so remind clients to drink lots of water. Many people have success applying oils such as castor, coconut or jojoba to maximize hydration and stimulate the follicle. SERUMS: Most brow serums—when applied twice a day—take three to four months to show full results. If bold brows are the goal, make sure your clients plan ahead. GROOMING: Tell clients not to touch their brows for 12 weeks, which yes, means no tweezing. It will be tough, but remind them that there will be enough hair to work with, so you, the professional can trim, shape, and help manage the growth process. Suggest using a spoolie to promote hair growth in the right direction. Remember, a stray hair that’s tempting to pluck now could turn out to be a crucial member of a newer thicker brow!