Preserving your Wedding Dress

Many women choose to keep their wedding dress as a memento. Although it is possible to purchase special dress boxes for storing your wedding gown, our packaging is designed so that you can store your wedding dress in the materials it came in. Here are steps to keep your dress in mint condition for years to come.

1. Dry Clean

After your wedding, have your gown professionally cleaned. At this point, you may also choose to take your gown to a preservation specialist to have it treated to prevent discoloring.

2. Fold the Gown

If your dress comes with delicate beading or embroidery, please place the enclosed tissue paper over the detailing to prevent it from scratching the fabric. You can also flip the dress inside out as the fabric will provide a natural cushion to prevent the beading from breaking.

3. Pack Your Dress

It is best if you store your dress in a cool dark place. It will need to be professionally steamed before its next use.


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