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Veil Tips

As part of our wedding veil collection, here are our top five wedding veil tips.

Veils were once thought to hide brides from evil spirits and were often opaque. Most modern veils are sheer and often serve to accent or highlight a bride’s beauty than hide it. The vintage trend has popularized the short birdcage veil and many brides see the veils as a great hair accessory.

1. Match it to Your Hairstyle Veils can be worn with any hairstyle, but the placement of the veil varies depending on how the hair is arranged. The wedding veil can be worn in three places: on the top of the head, on the back of the head, or under the wedding hair up-do. Brides-to-be should bring their veil to their hairdresser during the hair and makeup run to decide the best placement.

2. Highlight Detailing in Your Dress The length and material of the veil can be used to highlight certain parts of the wedding dress. The eye is drawn to the point where the veil ends. For example, a short shoulder length veil is ideal for accenting an elaborate neckline. If a dress has lace or detailed embroidery, a plain sheer veil may show the dress at its best advantage.

3. Opposites Do Attract The veil choice also depends on the style and the level of decoration of the wedding gown. In general, an elaborate veil makes a gorgeous statement piece when paired with simple wedding gown. However if the dress is very detailed, a simple veil lets the eye focus on the wedding gown. Only the most formal of weddings are able to accommodate the combination of both an elaborate dress and veil.

4. Match Theme The wedding veil should also fit into the general wedding theme. There’s the classic style, where the décor and dress is formal, symmetrical and. Longer veils are perceived as more formal. The romantic style is much softer and usually includes lots of attention to detail. A lace edged veil creates an interesting contrast of textures. The modern style is more understated and free of extraneous details.

5. Accessories Wedding veils are often just one component of the hair. Common accessories include flowers, jeweled pins, feathers and tiaras. To avoid too many elements competing with each other, elaborate accessories are often paired with simpler hairstyles. Many brides choose to combine the veil and accessory into one piece so that it’s easier to wear and creates an overall sleeker look.