Your Wedding Affair stands by quality and customer satisfaction to ensure that your wedding gown matches your every dream and expectation. That’s why we make these suggestions to help ensure you have the perfect fit.

Don't try to do alterations yourself. It's very difficult to take accurate measurements of your own body, and accurate measurements are key to a successful alteration. It's best to leave this work to the professionals. Though the do-it-yourself mentality may save some cash, the last thing you want to compromise is the most important dress of your life.

Ask to have your gown steamed and pressed After alternations have been completed, your gown is bound to be a bit wrinkled and in need of a good cleaning and pressing before you can wear it on your big day. It doesn't hurt to ask if your tailor can provide such a service, and whether it will cost any additional fees. If they cannot offer this service, make sure you have enough time to take your dress to a professional dry-cleaners who can steam your dress in time for the wedding.

Make sure you leave enough time before your wedding for alterations. Depending on the tailor and the level of complexity, alterations can take anywhere from days to weeks, and even months. Be sure to get a few price and duration estimates well before the wedding.

We appreciate your business and will continue to offer you services that help you make your wedding day a day to remember!


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