Mermaid Bride

Mermaid wedding dresses are designed to be fitted on the bodice and hips and flare out into a trumpet shape at the knee. The illusion creates a mermaid-like shape; woman on top, fish tail at the bottom. The result is eye catching, dramatic and beautiful. This type of bridal gown usually comes with fabrics that can hold its shape like satin and lace, so as to accent the signature flared hem. The silhouette in particular is one of the most feminine of the wedding dresses and plays to a woman’s curves in a very flattering way.

Perhaps what appeals to brides when choosing a mermaid wedding dress is the back appeal. The open back, pulling in the waist with the illusion of tiny proportions and rounding out the derriere in the most appealing way, is both dramatic and sexy. The silhouette is what we call hourglass, and even if you don’t necessarily categorize yourself as this body type, and with the help of good shape-wear, it will be easy to create this look.

Brides who are not comfortable with the form fitting nature of this dress can play up embellishments to use as distraction, such as a cascading floral motif or a satin ribbon sash. This not only draws attention away from the waist and stomach area but makes the dress figure flattering as well.

At the Chandler Bridal House, we offer a range of mermaid dresses from the figure hugging dresses to the more relaxed gown with a waist cinching ribbon.

The dress has come a long way since the 90’s, when it was first made popular, stick straight and tight to the knees with a poofed fishtail train. Today’s myriad of designs can make this dress both modern and playful. When choosing different styles you can opt for a classic, refined look or it can take on a flirty, flouncy vibe. A long chapel train or a barely there brush train. It can also play up the bodice to make the bust appear bigger or smaller, depending on what look you aim for.

Those wanting to stick to a plain and simple look, mermaid designs can be simple and elegant and appealing to a bride with minimal taste. No need to much embellishments or accessories as the dress will speak for itself.

A word of caution. Since the mermaid silhouette is floor length, it can be worn with any type of shoe. But remember, the dress is tight around the knees and calves, this might make walking a little more tricky. Pairing it with very high heels can be dangerous.


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