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Wedding Sleeves

A growing wedding gown trend is the adaptation of sleeves. Whether the sleeves are short and capped or long and laced, these pieces of fabric can transform a dress. Sleeves are also practical for winter brides that need to stay warm. But regardless of weather, sleeves can add that perfect amount of romance.

Here is a breakdown of the popular styles.

Soft Sleeves can offer a nice alternative for brides who don’t want to cover up completely.

Cap Sleeves are the most versatile of the sleeves. Consider designs that use lace, beads or floral embroidery.

Shawl Collar is a bold look. This look takes light and airy fabric and wraps it around the arms and shoulder area. Fabrics that are popular are silk chiffon.

Bolero combines the shawl with cap sleeves. Sheath or lace is often used for this look. The collar can sit high or low and you can choose whether you want to cover just your shoulders, or your upper arms as well.

Off the Shoulder is an elegant and demure look, and a popular choice among brides. It can showcase a beautiful neckline without revealing too much. Adding soft fabrics, like sheath or lace, adds to the romance of the wedding gown.

Long Sleeves are the ultimate option. Imagine those long, elegant pieces of lace draping your arms.

Or consider sleeves made of silk, chiffon or any other sheath material. Floral embroidery or eyelets will make you feel like a modern-day prince.