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Bohemian Bride

A bohemian bride is the contrasted answer to the layered skirts and tight corsets that was made popular in the Victorian era. This offbeat, worldly style is ideal for many brides on her special day, because it reflects her personal style and allows for much creativity. She moves away from tradition to create an inspired, natural look. Since the bohemian look is very hip and chic, brides are taking advantage of this trend by giving the boho treatment to everything from their dress, bridesmaid and flowers, to their venues and overall theme. If there is one thing bohemian brides have in common, it’s that they march down the isle to the beat of their own drum.

The free-style nature of bohemian brides finds inspiration in just about anything; be it the romance and beauty of nature or antiqued vintage elements. So naturally, their wedding dress would reflect this. Using materials and colors with earthy and organic feels can give a romantic and ethereal overall look. To give a picture, think crocheted trim, antique ivory color and layered tiers to give a distinctively bohemian feel. Creams or off-white, antiqued lace, A line cuts, long and flowing gowns or short and sweet dresses, or adding a touch of a brown vintage belt; there is no one single style or rule that a boho bride needs to stick with. Have fun and play around with many different ideas; mixing and matching. One important aspect of bohemian is comfort, which is attractive to many brides.

A bohemian bride can also be called a minimalist, because she relies a great deal on her own natural beauty and less on jewelry and makeup. However, that doesn’t mean a few statement pieces and a dusting on the eyelids are not welcome. Turquoise jewelry is an amazing contrast to an ivory or cream dress. Leather cuffs, silver and gold bangles, and/or a large ring on the opposite hand can make big waves. In addition, keep the makeup more subtle. Browns, golds and orange for your eyes. Bronzer or cheek tint for blush to make those cheeks glow, and nudes or light colors for the lips. You only want to enhance your beauty, not mask it.

A bohemian bride may opt for a statement headpiece instead of the traditional veil. Flower children may want to try a braided, suede headband with a large leather flower on the side and leather string flowing down. Those brides that still want to have that veil but with a unique twist, can go for the birdcage veil attached to a antiqued cap. Boho bridal hair can be styled with long, flowing waves or with a beautiful crown or side braid. Simple and elegant.

Staying in the idea of comfort, your footwear may be one of the easiest items to pick out. Stick to flats, go for wooden or leather sandals with some delicate embellishments. Or simply, go barefoot.

The great outdoors, including beaches, woods, gardens, fields and rolling greens make for great backdrops for bohemian weddings. However, venues don’t have to stop there; yoga and meditation retreats, retro style restaurants, waterfalls, country homes or farms, just to name a few. Have fun with your venue and make it your own. Enlist acoustic Spanish guitar players for a balmy summer evening, garden wedding and you will have more romance than you know what to do with!

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