Choosing Bridal Accessories

So you have the sparkly ring on your finger, the dream dress, and the most delicious looking cake for your ‘big day.’ For that day, you are the most special person and each little detail has to be perfect. Now it’s time to complete your look with some accessories. But how do you make sure that you select accessories that will add that special touch to your look? Read on for our tips on choosing accessories that are as special and memorable as you are so you sparkle from head to toe on your big day.

A popular trend that we love is inspired from the poem “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” More and more brides are borrowing special pieces that have been passed down from their loved ones and using these as their accessories. This not only creates a memorable look but it’s also a beautiful and meaningful way to honor those special family members in your wedding. Take a pretty necklace passed on from your Mother and wrap it around the handle of your floral arrangement. Or use some of your Grandma’s pearls or crystals within your floral arrangement. Adding some different pieces will allow you to have that ‘special’ touch while matching or contrasting your accessories with your wedding theme.

Another beautiful way to do this may be adding a touch of lace from your Mother’s wedding dress into your headpiece to make it all the more romantic. Crystals, diamonds, and pearls will also look beautiful and add that touch of sparkle to create a special fairy-tale effect. It’s also becoming more and more common to match your wedding shoes to your wedding theme. So why not keep the trend going by adding some color to your shoes to match your floral arrangement or wedding settings?

No matter how you choose to add that gorgeous touch of sparkle, make sure you choose pieces that are truly you and surround yourself by the people you love. This way, you can be sure to sparkle with love and happiness no matter what!

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