How Much Do a Bridesmaid Dress and Its Alteration Cost?

Here is the breakdown of how much bridesmaid dress and its alteration will cost: 

Typical Costs On the low end, you can find off-the-rack bridesmaid dresses from an online shop or department store for $50-$150.

For a mid-range price, you can find satin bridesmaid dresses with no elaborate detailing for about $150-$250.

On the high end, you can find dresses made with luxurious fabric, such as silk, or intricate details and hand beading. These dresses can cost $300 and up.

On average bridesmaid dress alterations cost between $55 and $150, but may vary due to customization and size changes. 

What Is Included Bridal salons should take professional measurements of the bridesmaid before placing the order of the dress.

Always have your measurements taken by a professional in order ensure an accurate fit — even if you purchase a dress online or are having it delivered from a non-local store.

Additional Fees Most bridal shops will offer alteration services, but will typically charge an additional fee. Depending on what needs to be done, most bridesmaid dress alterations will run between $20-$100.

Common alterations include bodice adjustments, hemming and sleeve shortening.

Bodice adjustments usually cost the least, unless there’s beading or boning to adjust.

Hemming costs vary depending on the number of layers on the dress.

Sleeve shortening is not complicated unless there is considerable beading or lace detail.

Get alteration estimates in writing before you place the dress order. 

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