Selecting your Headpiece

Bridal headpieces are one of the final touches that will perfect your overall look. The particular headpiece that you choose depends on personal taste, type of ceremony, your dress and hairstyle. Typically, a headpiece is used as an anchor for your veil. Your headpiece will hold the veil in place for the entire event and can be detached through hooks or snaps. Or you may choose to wear a headpiece purely for aesthetic purposes and allow it to shine all on it’s own.

The tiara symbolizes the ultimate princess look. A tiara is classically jeweled or beaded, worn on top of the head, evoking beauty and royalty. Tiaras are best worn with formal themes; ball gown wedding dresses look particularly stunning with the addition of a tiara. Many brides opt to wear this particular headpiece for indoor or winter ceremonies. They are not as common in the summer, when weddings tend to be more casual. Tiaras look great with the hair either up or down.

Wedding crowns are very similar to tiaras, in that they are both formal and decorated with beads and jewels. But the main difference, crowns circle the entire head and usually don’t have the typical tiara arch at the center. Crowns are best suited for formal affairs – dramatic dresses and princess looks. Pair this type of headpiece with an up-do, due to their full circle shape.

Wreaths or garlands are full circles of flowers, leaves, ribbon or even twigs. This look creates an image of old-fashioned Shakespearean romance mixed with bohemian. These make wonderful headpieces for a casual, summer wedding, especially a garden or beach affair. Wreaths go beautifully with long, flowing A-line wedding dresses or vintage styles. Leave your hair down in flowing waves to create an earthy, ethereal look.

A popular alternative to the tiara or crown are functional hairpins. Hairpins can come in a variety of styles and shapes – from the cute and trendy to the classy and sophisticated. Hairpins can also serve as bobby pins – lending a helping hand to an up-do or keeping the twist tight for cascading curls. Hairpins are great for all occasions, seasons, and types of dresses. Keep in mind, if your hair is very short, a hairpin will not be the best option.

Snoods are a type of headpiece that dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. They are buns made of material that hold your hair inside and sit at the back of your head. Basically, it’s a chignon made of material. They can be crocheted, or made out of cotton or lace, with a piece of elastic that holds it together at the top. You can have a snood made to match any dress. If you want to create a more formal look, snoods can be adorned with jewelry or beading. Stay away from this look if your dress has lots of embellishments and detailing.

For brides that want to keep their hair out of the way and emphasize their face, elect for headbands. These popular headpieces come in a variety of styles – thick or thin bands, formal and informal. A lace headband is perfect for a summer shindig, while a beaded headband is great for a winter wedding, suggesting old Hollywood glamour.

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