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A Complete Guide to Caring for Your Gown

Before, During & After Your Wedding Day... When your gown leaves our boutique:

  • TRANSPORT your gown in a vehicle where you can lay down the back seat. Your gown needs space as long as the gown with the train down.  Your gown will be in a bust form & extra long bag, this helps eliminate the need for extra pressing or steaming.

  • HANG your gown as high as possible when you get home, perhaps a door frame. Leave in the bag to prevent dust or bugs from landing on your gown. Open the bottom of the bag and spread the train out to avoid wrinkles ~ lay a clean sheet on the floor if the bag is not big enough.

  • AVOID hanging your gown from a light fixture or ceiling fan. Accidental burns & damage can occur.

  • STEAM your gown ONLY if your gown needs it and the fabric can handle it! When traveling long distances with your gown, it may need to be touched up. If you cannot have it professionally pressed when you arrive at your location, make sure you use a white, flat sheet as a pressing cloth between the clean sole plate of your iron and your gown. A low heat setting with no steam for chiffon, organza, crepe, georgette, and chantilly lace. Medium heat for satin, mikado, alencon lace, and stretch fabrics. Higher heat may be used on cotton and linen, but must be done quickly & with the pressing cloth.

On Your Wedding Day:

  • APPLY perfume and hair spray before putting on your wedding gown as the mist from such products may cause stains. Use care in dressing to avoid staining your gown. 

  • STEP into your gown and have your bridesmaids put your shoes on for you.

  • COVER your gown with a towel before applying any touch-up products such as hair spray or lipstick.

  • POLISH nails at least a day before your wedding.  Wet nail polish on a silk garment can remove color, damaging the fabric permanently.

  • WATERMARKS: softly blot & dry with a clean towel.  If possible lightly press with a hand iron when dry.

  • MAKEUP, LIPSTICK, or any OILY SPILL:  lightly coat with CORNSTARCH or BABY POWDER to absorb the oil.  Do not rub the area!  Wait 15 minutes and gently remove the excess powder from fabric.  This technique will mask unsightly spots & prepare the area for professional care after your wedding day.

  • WINE & BEVERAGE STAINS:  do not apply water or other liquid that might disperse stain.  Blot area dry with a towel & apply powder as for oily stains.

  • BLOOD:  for minor blood stains, apply your own clean saliva with a dampened Q-tip.  The enzymes will safely break down the stain,  Blot to dry. 

  • ASPHALT: It deteriorates the fibers of your gown while grinding the tar into the fabric and cannot be removed. Have your bridesmaids hold up your skirt & train when walking on a driveway or street.

You are Married! Congratulations & Treasure Your Memories:

  • HANG your wedding gown by loops inside the gown that are connected to sturdy side seams, never by fragile shoulder seams that can stretch or sag.

  • AVOID storing your worn wedding gown for a long period of time in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed, plastic wrapped containers because plastic emits fumes that can yellow your bridal gown and trap moisture that mildews your wedding gown.

  • BRING your gown for cleaning & preservation ASAP after your wedding day to avoid permanent staining & discoloration.  Other items may be stored with your gown, such as your veil or sash.  MAPLEWOOD BRIDAL can assist you in this process.  Call 908.293.1609 for an appointment to inspect your gown.

  • STORE your cleaned & preserved wedding gown in an area of constant temperature (under the bed or in a living space closet work well).  Avoid storing your bridal gown in the attic or basement where there are extreme changes in temperature or humidity, this can discolor your gown.