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Brianna's Wedding Dress Story

Updated: Jan 8

Brianna & Jeremy Williams

September 19, 2019

A not so small bridal boutique founded to fulfill the dreams of curvy and plus size brides in search for their wedding dress; the owner and designer Nicky believes that every bridal should have the opportunity to have a great shopping experience; and for every bride to have that YES moment she needs to be able to fit in the sample dress of her dreams.

Unfortunately, the Wedding Industry has not been an "inclusive market," for decades, if a bride was a curvy or plus size, she had a poor bridal shopping experience. This trend inspired women to open Plus Size bridal stores, but the reality is that they aren't enough boutiques for these brides, even do statistic shows that eight in every ten women is considered plus size. While designers have introduced plus size gown, they have done a poor job of catering to curves. Nicky explains that curvy and plus size is used interchangeably. It doesn't describe were the weight falls, some women have a small bust, small waist, and broad hips, while others have a large bust line, and the combinations are interchangeable with these three vital measurements. Yet, dresses are scale and cut on a proportionate size.

When Brianna visited Maplewood Bridal with the hopes of finding her dress, the last thigh she imaged was that the designer would offer to make her a sample dress at no cost so that she would have the opportunity to have a fitting in a dress that fit her. While the boutique had samples in styles that Brianna like, they didn't have a dress that fit her comfortably where she could visualize what she would look like on her wedding day. Nicky offered to make a sample dress at no cost to her in her size, and re-book her bridal appointment.

In all my experience, I had never heard of such a thing, and when I ask Nicky, she said, "I opened a store to provide women with a bridal shopping experience equal to that of size six bride. How can I fulfill that mission if I couldn't give a bride a sample dress that fit her correctly and address her concern with large her breast?"

Brianna's follow-up visit allowed her to have a great fitting with a sample dress cut in her size. She was able to have a say in more than just color and style. Brianna was able to choose her lace, add pockets to her dress, include a slit that revealed a bit a leg, and an over a skirt that extended the train of her dress another 5 inches. Brianna's look was completed with a Cathedral Veil with the lace from her dress.

"At Maplewood Bridal, if you can't find what you are looking for Nicky, will make it for you." The sample gown selection from the Nidelka's collection includes custom dress cut based on brides real measurements. Offering curvy and plus size brides a better shopping experience, they can fit in dress cut to their shape and curves.

Maplewood Bridal is an intimate boutique with lots of elbow room and a fitting room suite with a bridal snack bar. The by-appointment format offers brides an exclusive experience that she only shares with her friends and family.