Bridal Accessories

Here are five do's and don’ts of getting accessorized for the special day:

Go Big

Use a selection of statement pieces to add a bold or elegant touch to your occasion. Instead of wearing the everyday pearl earrings that are quite dainty, go with something that can inject more personality into your occasion. Bangle bracelets or chandelier earrings might give a most distinctive look. Look at accessories that are more distinctive while also providing the ability to match the all-around look and the theme of your occasion.

Don’t get too extravagant

Try to avoid wearing too much jewelry during your wedding. Many brides want to wear the entire jewelry collection, but this isn’t likely to give the desired look. Instead, go with light pieces of jewelry to match the look and style of your gown. This is certain to look much more appealing than arm bangles or other chunky pieces. Use the guidance of an honest friend to let you know if you have gone overboard. A well-chosen selection of jewelry pieces is certain to help create a preferred sophisticated and elegant look.


Avoid last minute issues

Don’t leave the practice of sourcing the wedding accessories until just before the event. A preferred time to get the bridal accessories is several months before the big day, such as the same time is organizing and buying the outfit. Leave enough time to try on the accessories with the gown to ensure it gives the desired look with minimal issues.

For inspiration on what can be worn, it might benefit to consult with your wedding planner to give you professional guidance on the best jewelry choices to match your specific needs.

Similar to the wedding gown, the accessories used to complement your outfit should be unique and match your personal style. Use stones and metals that are your favorite and help to flatter your appearance of the all-around outfit. Striking accessories include unique vintage and custom jewelry pieces. Some of the more unique pieces include feathered or floral headpieces, crystal pins, and embellished headbands.

Mix and match the metal

Mixing and matching metals is becoming more popular and seen more often in everyday fashion pieces. A set of stunning gold earrings can go with a platinum engagement ring. What goes in ears and hands doesn’t need to have a perfect match. Plus, a further benefit of this is the ability to be more creative in the pursuit of coming up with a unique style for your special day.

In summary

By carefully reviewing the wide-ranging bridal accessories it should be possible to complete the look of an outfit for a very special look on your big day. Use the wedding accessories that match your personal taste and style while also giving a unique look that goes well with the theme of your occasion. 

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