Bridal Fashion Week Recap

Thigh-High Slits

Brides wanting to show some skin on their big day have mainly had corset-top and V-back gowns to shop in recent seasons. Well, the bridal trend pendulum has swung back from an

emphasized bodice to an emphasized leg next spring. From Oscar de la Renta to Justin Alexander, skirt-length slits are joining with bridal whites for a wedding take on the iconic Angelina Jolie moment.

Feather Trims

Big feather energy has swept the fashion scene, all the way to next year's I Do's. Wispy ostrich feathers lined sleeves, necklines, and hems on several runways in white and pale pink. It's a step down from the peak plumage we often see in bridal collections, but it gives off the same Old Hollywood glamour.

Black and White

Black isn't the first color you'd associate with a wedding palette, but brands from Ines di Santo to Allison Webb found creative ways to weave it into their spring 2020 collections. Black ribbons, belts, and, in one case, a coat appeared on white column gowns. If you want all eyes on you, this high-contrast look is the way to go.

Sheer Hems

Some gowns are most captivating when they're in motion, which is how we fell for next spring's sheer hem dresses: Seeing how translucent fabric can give extra dimension to a formfitting gown as a model walked down the runway really sold the trend. Bonus: This style will show off your shoes while you're headed down the aisle.

Bridal Blazers

After dominating closets in the world of ready-to-wear, blazers make a grand entrance into the bridal world for spring 2020. The most straightforward takes included unembellished cream and white blazers and blazer dresses; advanced iterations included flared lace sleeves and belts. It's an ideal look for anyone in favor of a more tailored, minimalist vibe on their wedding day—and for brides considering an outfit change.

Something Blue

You know the age-old saying—now make it your whole look. Pastel blue and baby blue were the most prominent shades that bridal designers rendered their gowns in this season (aside from a typical white or cream). The light palette is still fairly subtle, but it's bright enough to stand out from traditional colors.

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