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Bridal Lingerie

Updated: Jan 8

Last but not least, you’ll want to think about investing in some bridal lingerie! These pieces are extra dainty and oh-so-delicate, helping you to embrace your bridal beauty beyond just your wedding day. Plus, they don’t have to come in only shades of white. Go for a bold tone or a cute pattern as a way to infuse some color into your day, and get some extra mileage out of these pieces by doing a boudoir session or bringing them along on the honeymoon!

Robe/Kimono: get ready in style on your wedding day with a silky soft robe, which can serve a dual purpose by allowing for easy on-and-off so as not to mess up your hair and makeup once your stylists get it perfect!

Babydoll Negligee: a classic cut for bridal lingerie, the babydoll top is flattering on nearly every body type and makes for a fun, feminine and flirty piece.

Garters: what’s the point of a bridal garter? Well, these days, they don’t truly serve a purpose other than being a meaningful piece many brides look forward to wearing as a part of a longstanding tradition. Centuries ago, garters were connected to stockings and worn above the knee to help keep the stockings from slipping down. The garter toss tradition emerged as a way to share good luck with one lucky guest by sharing a piece of the bride’s clothing. Do you have to do a garter toss at your wedding? By no means! If you’re not into it or not comfortable, many modern brides are choosing to forego this tradition. However, if you do want to wear a garter and plan on doing a garter toss, look for a garter set that includes a thicker, more intricate garter along with a thinner, simpler garter: the smaller to toss and the larger to keep! The smaller one will go below the larger one on your leg (remember to put them on before your shoes!). Which leg to wear a garter on is totally up to you. There’s no right or wrong!

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