Bridal Shapewear for Underneath Your Wedding Dress

Corset: a corset cinches at the back, often with laces that tighten, to help slim your waist. For ladies wanting tummy control and muffin top control, a corset may be a good option. Modern corsets are made with enough stretch to not be restricting so you can still breathe normally.

Bustier: a bustier is the same shape as a corset but without laces in the back; rather, the bust area is defined and lifted for support and shape. A bustier can help girls of any chest size have a more defined bust and help to make sure everything stays in place.

Bodysuit: similar to the shape of a one-piece swimsuit, a bodysuit covers your midsection from the chest to the hips and eliminates panty lines while smoothing out curves and helping to create a lovely hourglass figure. Bodysuits can be have a briefs, thong or shorts cut.

Waist-only slimmer: for ladies wanting the illusion of a flatter tummy, wearing a waist slimmer under the dress can keep things tighter and smoother without constricting your legs in any way.

Waist-thigh slimmer: for the best midsection coverage and slimming effects, a waist-thigh slimmer goes all the way from beneath the bust to above the knees, helping to tone the entire midsection and smooth any bumps and curves beneath the dress. You’ll want to try on waist-thigh slimmers and make sure the tight pant legs don’t ride up, as the bunching of the material can be obvious under certain dress styles. Look for full shapewear with a strategically placed hole to make going to the bathroom a breeze!

Depending on your specific dress and on your body, your bridal boutique or seamstress may recommend simply sewing built-in bra cups on the inside of your dress rather than have you wear a separate undergarment. Wearing regular underwear may be an option for you, as well – you’ll just want to make sure they’re a nude color and won’t bunch up or show any lines if your dress is tight-fitting through the waist.

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