We’re so thrilled to be able to serve brides after their wedding day by offering a cleaning & preservation service.

Your legacy of beauty is worth preserving just like your legacy of love. Let’s get started today!

Please note: we provide this service for ALL brides, not just Twirl Brides. All are welcome!


· Cost: $350

· Preservation time: 8-12 weeks

· Gown is cleaned and preserved through the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. They have been in business since 1913.

· Brides can bring the gown to us to ship or we can give you the box and information to send. The gown will be returned directly to the bride’s address provided.

· The gown and up to 3 items can be included (veil, belt, slip, etc)

· Gown preserved in a white chest with front of the gown showing.

· Once the gown has arrived Wedding Gown Preservation Co. will email a confirmation to the bride. The bride can also track their gown through the company’s website.

· The bride will receive an email when the gown is shipping back to them.

· Small repairs can also be requested, but will cost more. A Quote will be provided first.

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