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Crepe Wedding Gowns

Updated: Jan 8

If you have been wedding shopping within the past few years, you’ve likely seen various styles of gowns available in a crepe fabric. You’ll know them by their sumptuous feel, fresh bright ivory color, and elegant drape. They can be embellished with lace that is beaded or matte, or is often styled completely plain for a strikingly minimal look.

Crepe is a fabric that we’ve seen rise in popularity, and we can completely understand why. Crepe has the ability to both celebrate the figure, while also smoothing it out for a flawless look. Our brides love the comfort of crepe and moves with the body rather than feeling restrictive. Also the nature of this fabric lends itself to flawless all day wear, as it is not prone to wrinkling or creasing. Designers have utilized this dreamy fabric in a multitude of ways, so there’s literally a style for every bride. We’ve gladly been collecting a gorgeous menu of options for the crepe-loving bride; some brand new styles and some forever favorites that brides keep loving season after season.

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