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HARLEM WEDDINGS... Back to the Beginning

IIt was the New Year, 2007, and an excellent time for a new marketing plan. Rather than drive to the endless bridal shows, I figured why not have my own, said Nicky, the Lead Wedding Planner and Owner of Your Wedding Affair giving birth to Harlem Weddings.

Harlem Weddings was an intimate Bridal Show hosted at non-traditional wedding venues throughout Harlem, showcasing African American wedding vendors. The first show was hosted at Tribal Spares Gallery and featured Best Selling Author and Fashion Designer Therez Fleetwood tribal-inspired wedding gown collection. Models strut the runway to Columbia University student Erin how played an Arp; from a florist to a wedding cake designer, the event featured 15 vendors. It was a Winter Show to remember!

Nicky wanted to offer attending brides something special to take home with them. And what better way than to create a Bridal Guide for the attending vendors. A collaboration with Harlem World Magazine produced the first of many guides and gave way to my first bridal photoshoot.

The Harlem Wedding's Bridal Show was hosted at Nubian Heritage and The River Room; these venues are no longer around, but in 2022 Nicky is partnering with Harlem World Magazine to bring Weddings back to Harlem.

In the meantime, here is a gallery of gowns featured at the bridal show and in the guide.

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