Every bride wants the perfect wedding dress that suits her personality, taste, and body type at a cost within the budget. Made with expert artisan construction from some of the most luxurious top-notch fabrics available, bridal gowns can get very pricey.

While wedding dress prices do vary greatly, it is possible to find quality bridal gowns under $500. Noted for first-rate quality craftsmanship, Maplewood Bridal designer, Nicky has introduced an assortment of gorgeous, yet inexpensive styles for under $500. With a variety of affordable wedding dresses to choose from, you can be sure you will wow the crowd as you make your way down the aisle.

Looking for some additional advice on how to find a budget-friendly wedding gown? Check out the four tips below.

How to Shop for Your Wedding Dress on a Budget

1. Skip the traditional bridal boutiques. Bridal boutiques have huge overheads, which means the cost will probably be passed on to you, the consumer. Huge mark-ups cover the rent, store maintenance, employee salaries, and courtesy services like champagne, which makes the bridal dresses so much more expensive. Shop6 online to skip the middleman fees and explore affordable brides dresses for under $500 can result in receiving a replica or poorly constructed dress.

2. Be aware of how much wedding dresses normally cost. While wedding dress prices do vary greatly, the average bridal gown in the U.S. is about $1,200.00. This price can easily skyrocket to tens of thousands of dollars for a couture gown. When you see how much the average wedding gown costs, it’s easier to see when you are getting a bargain for a gorgeous bridal dress.

3. Check the dress quality. Do you worry that a low price means low quality? You can be sure that the Maplewood Bridal name means the highest quality in wedding dresses, so the Maplewood Bridal gowns collection under $500 are beautifully crafted and affordable.

4. Be mindful of the budget. Keep your eye on your overall wedding budget, because the costs can add up quickly. Saving money on your beautiful bridal dress means having more room in the budget for other important aspects of your wedding day.

If you’re on a tight wedding budget, don’t despair. Whether you’re looking for affordable plus-sized wedding dresses or brides dresses under $500, shop Maplewood for high quality, stylish wedding dresses that are surprisingly in your price range.

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