You’re going to be wearing this dress on one of the most significant days of your life, so you most likely will spend a lot more on the purchase of your wedding dress than on an everyday dress. Prices for wedding gowns vary depending upon the fabric, embellishments, and design details of each dress. The average cost for a wedding dress in the U.S. typically ranges from $400 to $1,700. Most brides spend about $1,050 - $1,200 on a wedding gown. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help keep your wedding dress budget under $1,000.

Spend Under $1,000 on Your Wedding Dress By . . .

1. Shopping at Maplewood Bridal - In this assortment of Priscilla Anderson bridal dresses, each unique style is under $1,200. You can stick to your budget by shopping these styles within your price range.

2. Skipping the Bling - Wedding dresses with a lot of sparkling details tend to be pricier than styles with other features and simple design details. Radiate elegance in a simple wedding gown with a classic silhouette while saving money on embellishments too. You can always add a family broach (something old) or a rhinestone belt (something new) for a dash of sparkle.

3. Staying Away From Temptation - Once you have set your budget your wedding dress, don’t even glance at styles above that price range.

4. Considering Alterations - If you think you may need alterations, then you’ll want to make sure that your wedding dress is priced below your budget limit.

5. Shopping Early - Avoid paying for the rush when you shop for your bridal gown early. Rush shipping, rush alterations, and more can add up quickly, but these budget busters are easily avoided by shopping months in advance.

With soft fabrics, shimmering accents, and intricate details, these Priscilla Anderson wedding dresses are effortlessly luxurious, yet affordable. Discover your dream wedding dress for under $1,000 here at Maplewood Bridal.

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