How to Select Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Looks?

Question: I have a question for you.  My fiancee are looking to begin planning the looks for the littles (also known as the flower girls and ring bearers) in our wedding. Any recommendations on how we should style them?


Thanks for the question! Typically, I like to think of the ring bearers and flower girls as minis of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. So for styling their looks, the ring bearers could have a similar suiting look as the groomsmen, and the flower girls can have similar gowns as the bridesmaids.  If a full suit is too much for a ring bearer, consider styling them in the vest and trouser version of the look or the same color trousers as the groomsmen with suspenders and bow tie.  For the flower girls, if the bridesmaid dress is too mature or not available in a girls size, consider finding or having a dress made in the same color/material as the bridesmaids.  Alternatively, the ring bearers and flower girls can have similar looks as the bride and groom.  The ring bearer can wear a mini-version of the groom's suit or tuxedo and the flower girl can wear a white or ivory gown that is similar to the bride's gown.  And as a 'thank you' for being in your wedding you can gift their entire look (to take a little pressure off of the parents). Good luck! Wishing you a happy wedding day!  Good luck! Wishing you a happy wedding day!

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