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Most Popular Months to get Married

When a couple gets engaged or married is typically based on a number of factors. Holidays, breaks from work and school, and—perhaps most notable—weather, all play into the month that someone proposes or says I do. In fact, wedding season exists for these exact reasons.

This coming year, things are looking a bit familiar to popular wedding months of the past. While some of the most popular times to get engaged and married remain mainstays, we’re seeing new months on couples’ radars, as well as an overall shift in 2023’s projected wedding season. It’s official: Everyone’s getting engaged and married in these months. Read on for all of the ‘when's’ and ‘whys.’

Top Months to Get Married

With 2023 coming off the heels of one of the busiest wedding seasons ever, it's no surprise to see the most popular wedding months pre-pandemic rising back to the top.

After last year's shift due to postponed weddings, September rises back to the #1 most popular wedding month for 2023. Summertime and early fall typically host the most weddings, next year’s couples have set the most dates between May and September.


During the summer months, many people’s calendars are marked up with wedding dates and summer vacations. September, however, sees a decrease in packed plans, making it ideal for couples with longer guest lists. In early autumn, guests have more time and availability, so they’re more likely to be able to make it to your celebration. September also embodies that desired fall feeling that many engaged couples are after, while still offering some of the warm weather that was present at the end of summer. Add in the three-day Labor Day weekend and many are sold.


June weddings are well-liked for many of the reasons that we’ve already covered. However, the month is also steeped in history and tradition. For one, June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, and thus long considered a favorable month to get married. Moreover, its popularity dates back to the Celtic calendar. At the time, young couples would pair up around May Day (May first) with the intention of marrying in August. However, impatient couples would set their date for June, shortening the waiting period and ensuring the month’s early popularity.

Nowadays, June weddings are often sought after for more practical reasons. The beginning of summer has great weather, summer break allows for large gatherings and travel, and you can be flexible with your wedding venue (indoor vs. outdoor) and attire.


May weddings enjoy a lot of the benefits that June weddings do, such as nice weather and the flexibility that comes with that. However, as an added bonus, these weddings take place at the very start of summer. This means that they’re less likely to clash with other people’s plans, such as summer vacations and other weddings. On that note, guests won’t be suffering from wedding fatigue, which is possible during the busy summer wedding season.

Having a wedding in May also allows couples to enjoy the rest of their summer, rather than spend it worrying about last-minute details. Added bonus: For a lot of venues and vendors, May falls just outside of peak summer pricing. For couples that prioritize sticking to a budget, this month provides all of the perks of a summer wedding without the extra cost.


The reasons why October sees so many weddings are similar to why it sees so many engagements. In many places it’s the perfect post-summer temperature (not too hot or cold for you and your guests), and vibrant fall colors have started to paint mountains, trees, and landscapes. Because of this shift in the seasons, there’s also an opportunity to use decor that’s deeper, moodier, or cozier than is usually seen in the spring or summer.

Autumn also opens the door up to fun and seasonal food and cocktail options. And we can’t forget Halloween, which gives couples who enjoy dressing up the chance to throw the ultimate themed ceremony and reception.