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Popular 2019 Wedding Dress Trends

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Your wedding dress will be stunning! You will try on an array of gowns, and choose the best one to complement your body and your big day.

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However, when choosing your wedding dress, know that there are many trends that you can utilize to add a dash of personalization to its style. Are you aware of some of the most popular ones?

We believe that every wedding gown should be one of a kind! That’s why, here at Maplewood Bridal, as a New Jersey bridal boutique, we have gathered some of the most popular 2019 wedding dress trends, to inspire your own gown. If you would like to discover what these trends are, be sure to read on:

  • Bold Backs. You can make a statement for your walk down the aisle by choosing a wedding dress that showcases a statement back! Backless, open backs, v-neck backs, there are many ways in which you can highlight an impressive appearance when it comes to the back of your gown!

  • A Dash of Color. Who says your wedding dress has to be all white? If you love color, present some throughout your gown! Whether you choose to be bold and choose a full-colored wedding gown, or highlight a dash of creativity with a colorful sash or lace details, you can add a trendy sense of style to your dress with color!

  • Big Bows. You can really impress your guests with your gown by choosing to showcase a big bow among it! By having a bow adorning the back of your dress, right above your hips, you can add a great deal of style to your dress. What a great way to add some elegance to your appearance!

  • Your wedding dress should be one of a kind! These are just a few trends that you could choose to incorporate into your own gown.

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Every bride deserves to discover her dream wedding dress! So, if you are all set to discover yours at a bridal boutique in Maplewood, New Jersey, please contact us here at Maplewood Bridal, as we would be pleased to assist you with selecting yours.

Photo Source: - Bryan Schneider