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Popular Months to get Engage

In 2023, the most popular months to get engaged and married will look a bit familiar. It’s official: Everyone’s opting for these months—and here’s why.

Not many couples plan on having all of their loved ones present for it.

More often, proposals involve the couple, if not a handful of close friends and family members. This has made getting engaged throughout the last year easier to manage, with the usual factors such as weather, time off from work and school, and holidays having the largest influence.


The holiday season has long reigned supreme when it comes to the most popular months to get engaged—and we can’t say that we’re surprised. December brings with it feelings of thankfulness and love. It’s the time that we’re most likely to be surrounded by loved ones, many of whom couples want to share these special moments with.

The pressures of everyday life also seem to cease some, with schools letting out for winter break and workplaces often giving a few days off for major holidays. With loved ones near, holiday cheer, and many towns decked out in festive decor, it comes as no surprise that December is such a beloved time to get engaged.


May lands in that nice place between late spring and early summer, with sunnier weather making an appearance in many places. Warmer days and the long Memorial Day weekend begin to coax people outside, making outdoor proposals much easier to pull off. Another plus to getting engaged in May is that it leads seamlessly into summer; a time when celebrating your engagement and beginning wedding planning becomes more manageable, due to summer break and people’s availability opening up.


With fall kicking off just a few weeks earlier, October is a prime time to take advantage of nice weather and beautiful changing views. Come mid-October, most of the US sees the arrival of fall foliage, a great excuse to drive into the mountains or take a surprise trip upstate. A backdrop of vibrant, gorgeous autumn colors makes quite the backdrop for a proposal, after all. Of course, we can’t go without also mentioning Halloween, as spirited couples who go all out find it to be an especially thrilling day to get engaged.


Late March marks the beginning of spring, a time representative of renewal, rebirth, and fresh new beginnings. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the start of something new, especially with the return of warmer weather and new blooms. Spring break starts around mid-March, allowing couples with children to make a sunny escape full of adventure and relaxation. This month also has two holidays that provide fun engagement opportunities: St. Patrick’s Day (especially if you or your partner are Irish) and National Proposal Day, which takes place on March 20th. The latter even coincides with the Spring Equinox next year.


Summer is finally in full swing, and with it comes sunny skies, large family gatherings, and the chance to go on trips with your significant other. Many couples take advantage of the typically warm weather by spending time together at their favorite outdoor spots, whether near or far from home. Moreover, school’s out for summer, which means that couples or significant others with children can more easily involve them in the proposal. All of this provides ample opportunity for exciting engagements.


Though Valentine’s only lasts a single day (February 14th), the feeling of love permeates the entire month. Whether due to the anticipation leading up to the holiday, the giddiness thereafter, or both, it isn’t shocking that a lot of couples get engaged throughout. Valentine’s Day alone is an apt time for big surprises and grand expressions of love. It’s romantic and traditional, as well as pretty unforgettable.