Ready for you appointment?

Here's 5-appoinment tips to get you started!

  1. SET A BUDGET Set your budget & share it with your group! We know sharing financials can be uncomfortable, but you’re more likely to stay on budget when the group knows what you’re comfortable investing.

  2. LESS IS MORE Limit your group size, seriously!! More people means more opinions & even more stress. Bring 3-4 people whose opinions you value but who will also support & respect you!

  3. DRESS TO IMPRESS Wear something comfortable & easy to change out of! Bring along proper undergarments (spanx, strapless bras, etc.) to get a better fit & help you better visualize. If you have an idea how you’d style your hair & make up, do it!

  4. COME OPEN MINDED Have your vision but be open to trying different silhouettes, fabrics & colors. Pictures, hangers & mannequins are all SO different. Until you try it on your body, you never know what you’ll fall in love with!

  5. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! When you find it, you’ll feel it. Your dream dress might be a silhouette or style you never considered but don’t be afraid to say Yes!

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