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Relax Before the Wedding

You may feel obligated to get a bunch of last minute wedding planning done the night before your wedding, but this is not the time to stress. The night before your wedding should be spent relaxing and unwinding, getting yourself ready to take on the next day. Keep reading if you’d like some tips on how to let go of the stress and relax the night before your wedding!

Pack your wedding purse All of the wedding details that need last minute reviewing should be done any day of the week before your wedding, except the night before. Your nerves will already be higher the night before, so there’s no reason to put off this planning and increase your stress. However, packing your wedding purse to ensure you have little things like chapstick, mints, bobby pins, and so on is a good idea. This is a small and easy thing to pack and it will probably ease your mind a little knowing you have the essentials packed in your purse.

Drink plenty of water There are so many overlooked benefits of staying hydrated! Symptoms of dehydration can mimic those similar to a really bad hangover. You can get a headache, feel tired, or even irritable. Make sure to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your wedding to avoid the consequences of dehydration. As you’re getting ready for bed, have a large glass of water– and even infuse some fruit in it if you want some extra flavor. Then, have another glass of water on your nightstand next to your bed for you to drink from throughout the night if you need it.

Take a bath Unless you got a spray tan, taking a bubble bath is a great way to relax and prep your skin to be extra soft. You can play some of your favorite jams, have a cup of (non-caffeinated) tea, or even do a face mask. Epsom salt is great to add to baths to gently soften your skin, plus it smells great!

No coffee after 4pm When we feel stressed, a hormone called, cortisol, is released in our bodies. Things like caffeine increase our cortisol and adrenaline production, so it’s best to cut coffee out six hours before bed. It will allow you to stay more relaxed and keep you from being up too late. If you want to drink something warm, try some hot chocolate or non-caffeinated herbal tea.

Stick to your nightly beauty regimen The night before your wedding is no time to skimp on your beauty routine. Be sure to wash off any makeup and tone and moisturize your skin. If you’re spending your last single night in your own bed, sleeping with a clean pillowcase can reduce the chances of you waking up to an unwelcome breakout.

Don’t pick your skin! If you do have existing breakouts or dry skin, you may be tempted to pick your skin– but do NOT do this! It’s likely that your fingers full of bacteria and you don’t want to enhance the severity of your blemishes by trying to pop them on your own. Exfoliate if you have any dry skin and put on some acne cream to zap away any zits.

Practice yoga in your room Having some zen time can really help you relax before going to bed. Try practicing some restorative yoga poses in your room to stretch and clear your mind. You can even do yoga poses in your bed to really relax before sleeping.

Turn your phone on silent As hard as this may be, it’s important to turn your phone on silent the night before your wedding. You don’t need to be fielding a bunch of calls or texts or compulsively checking your phone just in case something goes wrong. Have your alarm set and ready to go for the morning and then turn it on silent and put it down. If you’re worried about missing any emergencies, designate someone you trust to take these calls and handle them.