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Every bride deserves to feel extraordinary on her wedding day. Renne Grace spent 2 years engineering her fit to be more inclusive for American women.

Becoming a bride has SO MUCH PRESSURE! There is pressure to find the perfect dress, have the perfect hair, do a pre-wedding diet and you must look the most beautiful you’ve ever looked in your whole life.

Throughout time, women have been pressured by society telling them that their bodies aren’t good enough. We aren’t skinny enough, curvy enough, busty enough, small enough, big enough, and the list goes on. Becoming a bride amplifies these pressures.

Over the decades, women have been using various methods to mold their bodies into the current ideal; corseted garments to make their waists smaller, cages under skirts to create larger than life hips. Even more severe than adding these are the surgeries that women have done, such as removing ribs or removing their little toes - all to be society's ideal of beauty.

Women still are battling for the ideal body type of the day. Finding a bridal gown compounds the issues of body image. Let’s take the sizing of the bridal gowns for instance. Today, there is no standard for fashion sizing in the bridal industry. You can go into any regular department store and buy a dress in a size 12 . On the same day, you can go into a bridal store and your dress size will be a 16, putting you in plus size categories although you are smaller than the average size of the American woman.  

The dress size problem stems from many in the bridal industry not changed their sizing since the 1940’s* when women were smaller and used girdles and other undergarments to manipulate their figure. Let’s face it, our bodies have changed since the 1940’s. In fact, the ideal body shape tends to change about every decade. In the 1940’s the ideal was tall, with long limbs and broad-shouldered, the 50’s was a very curvy hourglass shape.  Fast forward to the 2010’s and it’s all about the butt. Since size and figure standards haven’t changed in much of the bridal industry since 1940, the average American woman - pear-shaped and big hipped - will have a difficult time finding a dress that fits their figure. This can lead to them to feeling frustrated with their body - not realizing it’s the sizing standard that’s the problem, not them.

Despite ridiculous body standards, everyone should feel beautiful. At Renee Grace Bridal we do our best to make sure every single bride feels supported, both physically and emotionally. So we have researched and engineered our dresses to fit the modern American woman. We believe that brides deserve to feel extraordinary on their wedding day.

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