Size Wise - Buying of-the-rack

  • Between dress sizes? It is always best to go up one! It's easier to take in a dress. You can't always let it out.

  • Never ever guess your size in special occasion dresses.

  • Measure carefully before you buy any plus-size gown.

  • You probably wear a different size in plus size formal dresses then in everyday clothes.

  • Your bra size is not your bust size. Your bust size is the fullest measurement around your back and cups in the front of your body.

  • Measure wearing the underwear you will wear under your dress.

  • Use a cloth tape measure; leave the metal one for construction jobs.

  • Have a professional tailor or seamstress measure you or ask a friend or family. You'll be glad you did.

  • Plan on alterations for a perfect fit. Everyone needs them!

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