Wedding Planning at a Bridal Show

Adjusting to Winter and gearing up bridal show season! It's the time for brides to book their vendors and preview the latest bridal fashions. Bridal shows are a great way for brides to get items checked off their to-do list – but only if they approach it right. Here are some quick tips that will help you get the most out of the bridal shows.

Go to the show with a list of things you want to do. If you still need invitations or groom’s attire, make that your goal for the day. The best vendors to find at bridal shows are venues, photographers, and florists. They tend to be well represented at the bridal shows. With so many options under one roof, you could have decisions made by the time you leave the show. What a time saver! Don’t worry if you don’t hit everything on your list; having a list in the first place will keep you focused.

Come ready to book or buy. Nearly every vendor will have some sort of special for signing up with them at the show. Generally, these are their best deals, so if you’re interested in that vendor, take advantage of it! But, these specials are usually for the show, so come prepared to put down a deposit or make an appointment.

Decide on a way to highlight vendors you want to know more about. With thousands of people passing by, a vendor may not have the time to answer all your questions. If that’s the case, but you want to know more, be sure to get their information and mark it so you remember. You’ll have a thousand flyers and cards, so you’ll need some way to differentiate the important ones. Whether you put gold stars on their card or place them in a separate spot in your purse, be sure to differentiate the treasure from the trash.

Keep track of your entourage, too! Some brides like their squad to dress in the same color shirts, some have custom shirts made, and some use the phone to keep track of their crew. Whatever you prefer, let your friends and family know how to keep track of one another once you get in the show. It’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of members of your party. In the event that someone wanders off, you’ll know how to find one another.

Bring your walking shoes. Bridal shows are no place for your heels. Between the square footage and the concrete floors, you can do a number on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes that are up for the long day.

Bring your bridal show labels. Bridal show labels? Yep! Bridal shows are notorious for the amount of stuff they giveaway. Don’t waste time entering every drawing by hand. Beforehand, print address labels with your name, wedding date, email, and phone number on them. At the show, slap your bridal show label on those entry forms and keep moving! P.S., when you enter those giveaways, you are likely giving the vendor permission to contact you about their business. So if you’re not interested, don’t sign up.

If you want to enter stuff, but don’t want to filter through the vendor email, set up an email for your wedding. Use something like Or Just don’t forget to check it often!

And that’s it! If you keep these quick tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful bridal show experience. If you’ve been to a bridal show and have more tips, leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!

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