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the wedding industry is broken

.... and Maplewood Bridal is here to fix it for Plus Size Brides.” 

While big box bridal stores struggle to stay open, and online shopping rises, independent designers and bridal boutiques are making their mark. It’s also true that plus size women have been shopping online for years due to the lack of options available in their size, yet the dream of shopping for their wedding dress is to be able to walk into a store and find the one. Over the last 2-years, the bridal market has seen a rise in bridal stores offering dresses in larger sizes, but it still not enough; the general complaint continues to be about sample sizes and limited design options. 

Maplewood Bridal is the first boutique designed to provide plus size brides a true bridal experience.  It looks like a traditional boutique and offers personalized appointments, but that where the similarity ends.  Sample dresses created with measurements of real women, “the focus isn’t on size but, on measurements” said lead designer and boutique owner Nicky Mayers. She continues by sharing her philosophy, "that dress sizes are deceiving;" the only way to order a made to order  dress that will fit is to base it off the larger measurements of the bride's’ figure. If the bride measurements are not of standard proportions, she will end up with a dress that is too small or too big, ultimately creating a massive alteration bill.

At Maplewood Bridal our team of in-house designers create dresses made to fit, and brides have the option of customizing these designs.  The boutique also features a curated collection of dresses that focus on plus size women. Maplewood Bridal is located in the heart of the Springfield Avenue Partnership District at 1611 Springfield Ave in Maplewood NJ and will start accepting appointments on January 15th, 2019.

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