Veil Style Guide

Having trouble choosing your wedding veil? Here are all the essential styles you need to know about.

Once you’ve found your perfect wedding dress it’s time to move onto bridal accessories. But wait! Before you start scouring the stores for shoes, blinged out belts or a killer clutch, you should tackle your wedding veil. This is your most important accessory and will help dictate the direction of your wedding hairstyle and jewelry, so choosing your veils is the next accessory to find.

Veil Category:

01_ Mid-length Veils The Mid-length Veils options includes elbow, fingertip, and waltz length veils. These shorter styles outline the torso for an overall flattering silhouette and work with all dress styles and lengths. This option provides a traditional, classic, and timeless look. For brides wearing shorter dresses or alternative bridal styles, this is a perfect choice.

02_ Spanish Mantilla Veils The circular, Spanish-style Mantilla Veil features a wider, embellished lace trim along the entirety of its edge. Softly drape the veil over your head (a hidden comb or hairpin holds it in place), and the embellished border will create a framing effect.

03_ Chapel/Cathedral/Royal Cathedral The Chapel/Cathedral/Royal Cathedral Veil style are a jaw-dropping, dramatic collection that is a traditional and regal look. These long lengths and gorgeous embellishments make these one that is fit for a princess. For longer dresses, this is a must-see option.

04_Blusher Veils Some of our veils also have Blusher options. A Blusher is a veil that is meant to be worn in front of your face and lifted behind you for a big reveal. Some brides like the look of the Blusher worn behind them for the day, creating a two-tiered look in the back. Blushers may also be added to single tiered veils by consulting with your Bridal Stylist. If you're dreaming of a traditional bridal experience.

05_ Chic Shiny Veils Chic Shiny Veil Collection was

made for the bride that loves bling. From delicate crystals and pearls to metallic flaked stamping, this collection covers a lot of styles. From traditional to modern, this collection has a lot to offer.

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