Wedding Dress Preservation

Brides, let’s be honest. With countless thank you notes to write, unpacking of registry items, and photo selections to be made, your wedding dress may be the last thing on your mind. It may be hanging in your closet or taking up space at your parents’ house , but don’t forget about preserving your dress! Especially if you partied til’ dawn, it’s important to clean & preserve your dress as soon as possible after the wedding because stains can cause damage to fabrics over time!

In response to many requests from our brides, we are pleased to introduce Maplewood Bridal Gown Preservation.

We partnered with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company to offer our brides the best in wedding gown preservation services. The charges are based upon the style of your wedding dress. Interested in preserving your wedding dress?

What is wedding gown preservation?

Wedding gown preservation is the special cleaning and packaging process that helps your gown retain its original appearance. A professional preservationist will inspect your dress. Then–based on the fabrics, embellishments, and various stains–he or she will formulate a cleaning procedure. Having your dress preserved will prevent it from yellowing over time, so it will still look brand new even on your fiftieth anniversary!

Does All Brides Beautiful recommend a specific preservation company?

Yes! We recommend the aptly named Wedding Gown Preservation Company, based in Endicott, New York. With this company, you can feel comfortable knowing that your gown will be organically cleaned. They even offer a 100 year guarantee! In the extremely rare case that your gown ends up turning yellow, Wedding Gown Preservation Co. will re-clean your dress at no cost.

How long does this process take?

Processing of your gown will take anywhere from 2-10 weeks. WGP can either ship your newly preserved gown to your home address or to Maplewood Bridal. Just know that they require a signature upon delivery, so you will want to make sure somebody is home to sign for it!

How much does it cost?

Preserving your dress is $240 for a $1500 declared value. If your dress was more than this amount, it is an extra $40 per $1000 declared value. For example, if you paid $3500 for your wedding gown, the cost of having it preserved would be $320.

What do I get for my money?

If you use our recommended company, you get a lot! Your 100% organically cleaned wedding dress will come in a box with a window in it so that you can look at it whenever you want! WGP will also preserve up to three of your accessories including your veil, garter, and jewelry. You also have the choice of having them include a picture from your wedding day, a caption, or both on the outside of the box. Prices vary based on these options. You can also upgrade to their Celebrity Line. This includes a silver preservation chest, hand-

pressing, and draping your gown in unbleached muslin.

How do I go about preserving my dress?

All you have to do is make an appointment with us! You will need to bring your gown with you and fill out a form. This form will ask you for your information, the fabric of your dress, and any repairs that it might need (example: missing buttons.) Then we will ship it to WGP, and they will take it from there!

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