Wedding Hair Timeline

Here's a basic schedule for your wedding hair:

  • A few months before the wedding, start collecting photos of your favorite wedding hairstyles.

  • Three to four months before the big day, research hair pros in your area and book a couple consultations.

  • Three months before the wedding, finalize your hairstylist and book a trial run. Also book the wedding day for both you and your wedding party.

  • Four to six weeks before your wedding, get a hair trim. If you straighten or curl your hair professionally, do this at least one month before the wedding so your hair has time to relax.

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Wedding Hair Timeline

  • Two weeks before the wedding, get your hair color touched up. Highlights around the face are flattering for brides. Make sure all grays are covered.

  • Confirm your hair, manicure and makeup appointments at least a week before the big day.

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