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What we are learning about 2020 Weddings

1. Brides are accepting that if they want to have their wedding in 2020,

it will be smaller and more intimate at local locations, like backyard.

2. Many brides who had their deposit down already on a venue have rescheduled to 2021.

3. Courthouse wedding & elopement is trending along with simple

semi-formal white dresses.

4. Brides are scaling down from big production & big expenses.

5. The magnitude of the ongoing pandemic has inspired some couples

to say “I will.”

We expect the weddings in 2020 to be based on economically-smart choices & affordable, but memorable gowns. We recreated our best selling styles into Wedding Bridal Gowns with incredible value. These are limited in quantity so make sure to check them out during our National Bridal Sale event!

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